Ephemera, 8/13/23

The title I used for the last post came from a Philip K. Dick story I originally read in The Best Science Fiction of the Year #9. I bought a copy of that book when I was 10 or 11 from the paperback racks at a local discount store, and it remained in my possession for many years after that. Several of the included stories live on in my memory, but most vividly George R. R. Martin’s “Sandkings,” which scared the living hell out of me. I also read it over and over. (I always read very inappropriately for my age; around the same time I read The Shining and The World According to Garp.)

* * * *

“The main problem with turning the world into language is that it’s, well, impossible. The word is always less than the thing it is meant to represent.” (Stephen Dobyns)

* * * *

I just don’t get Linktree, especially the folks who fill theirs with links to specific articles, stories, poems that they have published, so that it’s just a long, vertical string of links running down the page. It’s the very definition of user-hostile. Just get a website, maybe? Am I missing something about this?

Anyway, what do I know, I’m posting this on a blog. 2005 Internet was the best Internet.